Cheap Car Shipping

12 Tips for Cheap Car Shipping

Everyone wants to cut costs on moving by choosing an inexpensive car shipping company. However, this is not all that you can do to save money. You need to know some subtleties about cheap car shipping, and the goal will be achieved regardless of where you will be transported from and other conditions. It is that kind of information we would like to share with you in this article. Let’s figure it out!

What to do for the cheapest car shipping?

  1. Explore different options.

Browse the offers on the Internet, call representatives of various shipping companies, find out the subtleties and prices and clarify special fees. This approach is often used in other businesses. If you are a florist looking for a supplier, you will also communicate with all possible owners and consider all offers. That way, after spending some time looking for the perfect company, you will succeed.

  1. Use an open car transporter.

The enclosed auto transporter is a service for rare, costly, and precious cars, on which it is not permissible to put even a single scratch. This option will cost crazy money. For ordinary, average vehicles, there is also a variant – this is an open car transporter. It is cheap enough because you don’t pay for the exclusivity and luxury that the firm itself winds up.

  1. Define a more comfortable place as the delivery address.

If your house is challenging to get to and difficult to find, then keep in mind that the amount will be much higher. Look at the maps to see if there is a motorway next to you or public places. They are all better suited for the role of the last stop than your house. To drive a little behind your car on a bus is the secret of cheap auto transport.

  1. Order in winter.

In the summer, a lot of people order state-to-state delivery. Therefore, all companies, drivers, and days are busy. But from 12 to 2 months of the year, there are not so many people who want to do this. Become one of the few customers, and you will be able to get your purchase much cheaper.

  1. Do not be definite about the delivery time.

Everything here is quite logical and straightforward, like multiplying two by two. The higher the urgency of the order, the more money you will have to pay in the end.

  1. Consult a specialist.

Some people make money looking for the best deal – these are brokers. They will be helpful when looking for cheap car transport, as they have access to the data of thousands of shipping companies and can easily compare options themselves.

  1. Hire a carrier yourself.

The task will not be the easiest, but the result will be profitable in terms of money. Think for yourself. You don’t need to pay an intermediary between you and the car transporter company. If you do not mind the time spent on the study of competitors, then go for it.

  1. Hire a tug.

It’s considerably cheaper, but only works a few miles.

  1. Drive the car yourself.

This tip will only work if you save on motels, food, and entertainment on the road.

  1. Use the help of a loved one.

Your relative or friend may well drive the car to you. Only you will have to pay for its return trip, as well as food, accommodation, and gasoline.

  1. Hire a driver.

  2. Consider all the possible options listed above and choose the best one.