Business Strategy for Freelancers

Effective Business Strategy for Freelancers

Are you interested in how can a beginner freelancer get enough amount of orders to pay her bills 3 months in advance? It sounds like a dream for you, right? To have enough steady work coming in that you know your bills are fully paid, not just for the current month, but for several months into the future. Steady work is the holy grail of freelancing — always wanted, but often elusive.

Nowadays, the market is full of freelancer that are professionals in a particular field, so the competition is real, and you need to know a lot to survive it.

We would like to tell you the story of Melissa Jo Hil, she is an experienced freelance writer, strategist, and designer. She works mostly with solopreneurs who need to align their words and visuals.

Her portfolio’s headline was fairly typical for designers, «Hello, I’m X and I do Y.» While that’s cut-and-dry and to the point, it doesn’t offer potential clients much in the way of drawing them further into your website to explore, learn, and hopefully hire you. Have you ever faced the same problem too? We can bet you do. But there is a quite simple and effective solution.

Melissa learned that the initial pitch needed to focus more on the motivations and goals of her potential clients, rather than who she was and a list of skills. Her new headline speaks directly to that: «It would be a beautiful thing, don’t you think, if your website + content strategy were in perfect alignment?»

She also created a «Getting Started» guide to send to all the potential clients that clearly and specifically answered common questions they might have. This option easily allows getting them to see the value in her work. And it is really priceless. Immediately after implementing it, she had two large clients hire her. So it works the way it should. Do not miss your opportunities and try the given technique right now.

«I made just a few changes to my portfolio and client on-boarding based on the lesson material and now my bills are paid three months in advance» Melissa Jo Hill, writer, designer.

Key Takeaways

Your portfolio is not just a collection of previous works, it directly leads to getting future work. Clients want to know you can solve their business problems, for example, remove google reviews, increase brand awareness, generate more leads, create the most stunning design ever, attract new clients via different email marketing campaigns, and so on and so forth. This can help them reach their goals using your skills. This is more important than just listing the technical details.

Make it easy for a client to say «yes» to hiring you by answering questions they’ve got and shown that you understand them.

With just a few tweaks to your portfolio and onboarding process, you can greatly improve your hire-ability as a freelancer.

So use these tips and do not miss the chance to reach success. We wish you luck in your career!