blue spotting magic mushrooms

Blue Spotting on Magic Mushrooms?

If you are new to the use of psychedelic mushrooms, then you should be as careful as possible with all the details. First, figure out how to find a good quality product and learn more about its consumption. Do not forget to calculate the dosage you need, too. But here’s the bad luck, while you search the Internet, your purchase began to change color and became something incomprehensible in the form of a blue shroom.

Do not be alarmed. In this article, you will learn more about this kind of reaction and how it affects strength, etc.

What is this bluing psilocybe mushroom?

Blue bruising mushrooms – this is what experts call the characteristic process that occurs with shrooms upon contact with air and with various damage to the outer layer of the mycelium, stem, or cap of the mushroom. Although it is not known for sure what can cause bruising on a product, most scientists consider the above reasons to be the main ones.

From a chemical point of view, the appearance of noticeable psychedelic blue mushrooms is preceded by an oxidation reaction of substances. Presumably, such “wounds” on the plant’s body indicate possible damage to psilocybin and the beginning of its degradation, similar to what happens with a fungus inside the human body.

However, this issue continues to be subjected to scientific consideration, which means that no one can argue that everything happens exactly like this.

Does it mean that the potency of blue psychedelic mushrooms is lower than other ones?

The color mark indicates that the shrooms have lost some properties in most cases. At the same time, you should not forget that as a consumer you will not be able to understand in any way what kind of activity and strength is still inherent in the product.  In this regard, we advise you to be careful.

It is worth mentioning that in some cases, the blue can only indicate the presence of psychedelic properties of the plant and nothing more. Much depends on the strain and variety.

What kinds of mushrooms that bruise blue exist?

Astonishingly, not all strains of magic shrooms are capable of demonstrating the ability of a chameleon, that is, of changing color. For example, a variety called Chitwan, originally from Asia, Nepal, will remain the same gray-brown even when exposed to it and various manipulations.

If you don’t have experience, remember that blues and bluish colors are usual for many varieties.

Summing up, It is worth focusing your attention on the moment when you’ll be face to face with a blue bruising mushroom more than once or twice since this is a widespread effect.

However, you should pay attention to this point, as it often proves the psychoactive properties of the mushroom. Regarding the potential power and its fluctuations in the strong or weak side, so far, no one can say anything for sure. The main thing for you is not to panic if you see something like this!