Writing Postcards

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Postcards

In the era of the Internet and the virtualization of any relationship, it may seem to you that humanity in general and you, in particular, do not need written messages anymore. However, you are deeply mistaken!

Despite the age of the invention of postcards, they are still in demand for many reasons and can also emphasize your exclusivity as an individual or legal entity. Otherwise, the postcard printing company would have gone bankrupt long ago, right?

How and when did they arise?

Before we explain the importance of postcard writing, you need to know the background behind these items. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the Briton Theodore Hook initiated this tradition by sending such an envelope to himself. Twenty-one years later, in America, John P. Charlton could patent such an invention in the states. This method of congratulations has taken root in our land so much that email and messages in messengers, which are simpler and cheaper, could not destroy it.

What are the reasons for sending greeting cards?

There are few of them, but they are very significant, namely:

 1) You seem to be a more considerate person.

It is a fact that people perceive handwriting as something more weighty and important, especially when it comes to such an emotional phenomenon as a greeting card. Especially if you take the time to choose the right pictures, you are very caring. 

 2) You won’t be a gray mass

While everyone around you will be saving time and throwing impersonal holiday greetings, you will send a joyful reminder of yourself. By regular mail, a message is sent at best once every few weeks or months, but in social networks and the mail, we see dozens of them every day. So handwritten cards are a great way to stand out.

 3) Report your movements around the globe

If you asked yourself a question like: “what are postcards used for?” then we can tell you. In addition to congratulations and personal messages to loved ones, you can initially inform them about your location, impressions of a new place, say your movements’ chronicle, etc.

 4) Durability

Any photo, postcard, or message will be lost in the cloud. In addition, over time, you will have to delete files from there to free up some space. But paper is for several tens, if not hundreds of years.

 5) Can be hung on the wall or used as a decor

If you send your photo, landscape, family members, or some event, close people may not just save it by putting it in a desk drawer or organizer. They can hang the picture on the wall or put it in the closet so that every look reminds them of you and a pleasant letter.

 6) Less stress

Writing and decorating a postcard, like painting by numbers, charade games, and online shopping, is an excellent way to deal with the stress of everyday life. Creativity is always a way to outward accumulated emotions without harm to yourself and those around you.

 7) You will receive a postcard in return

Did you know that the response to an email is usually only five words long? However, if you send a postcard, the recipient will answer you with a longer, more creative, and fun message.

 8) A postcard is the best gratitude

If someone has recently done you a great favor, helped, and saved you from problems, then there is no better way to demonstrate that you have not forgotten their kindness.