Bookkeeping For Small Business

5 Books On Tax And Bookkeeping For Small Business Owners

Keeping records of the financial affairs of a business is the first thing to consider in any startup, and taxes play there a big role. However, not every business newcomer knows exactly all the specifics of the bookkeeping – there is where the best bookkeeping books for beginners appear. You can easily find there a nice piece of advice regarding the company’s accounting, as well as educate yourself in bookkeeping and tax preparations to act in your affair like a pro!

Don’t miss your chance to apply to the tax services that will help you with all the paperwork. But before you decide on it, let’s discover the best tax books for small businesses.

1. Small-time operator: how to start your own business, keep your books, pay your taxes, and stay out of trouble

Whether you just set up an affair, or plan to do it in the nearest future, stock up with this complete guide on finances written by Certified Public Accountant. Providing an easy-to-understand writing style, this one of the best tax books will carry you through the financing, best experiences for bookkeeping, features of different taxes, different business models to get familiar with, etc. A book is worth your attention since it will be a nice helper for making the right financial decisions at the beginning of your greatest affair.

2. Accounting quickstart guide

This book is considering the best variant for small business owners among other basic bookkeeping books. «Accounting quickstart guide» is written by Josh Bauerle, and is an irreplaceable assistant while gaining accounting knowledge. The author believes that making the right financial decisions, as well as tax planning, are essential things to keep your small business alive. Don’t miss your chance to find out all the details about managerial and financial accounting for making your affair truly successful!

3. J.K. Lasser`s small business taxes 2016: your complete guide to a better bottom line

This guide written by Attorney Barbara Weltman ensures readers with the whole information of small business taxes to deal with. A book is for all the business owners who are willing to know the details of small business taxes. How to simplify the tax season? How to decrease the tax time? How to perform essential tax savings? Answers are waiting for you in the book.

4. The tax and legal playbook: game-changing solutions to your small-business questions

This wonderful manual introduces small business owners to the most popular questions on legal and tax questions. Written by Attorney Mark J. Kohler and CPA, a book helps to figure out the most successful tax and legal strategies that can be useful at any stage of your affair. Go for it whether you are interested in protecting your own small business, and making it truly profitable.

5. Taxes: for small businesses quickstart guide – understanding taxes for your sole proprietorship, startup, & LLC

One of the best books on tax strategies is a mentioned manual that provides a full guide on how the tax code covers your affair. A book will be useful for any business owner, at any stage of a business – it helps to understand how to correct various tax bags, what to do with payroll taxes, how to exactly conduct records, etc. Don`t know how to cope with the taxes? Be sure this book will be a great helper.