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Effective Business Strategy for Freelancers

Are you interested in how can a beginner freelancer get enough amount of orders to pay her bills 3 months in advance? It sounds like a dream for you, right? To have enough steady work coming in that you know your bills are fully paid, not just for the current month, but for several months into the future. Steady work is the holy grail of freelancing — always wanted, but often elusive. Nowadays, the market is full of freelancer that are professionals in a particular field, so the competition is real, and you need to know a lot to survive...

How to Make a Promo Video to Promote Your Business

Quite a lot of people decide to run their own business. Of course, to make it profitable and successful, they have to think about its promotion. The creation of promo videos is the most widespread and popular way to do that. Follow a professional video explainer if you have any questions or want to get to know more detailed information. So, if you are interested in making a promo video, the following information will be exciting and useful for you to know. What is a Promo Video? A promo video is a special kind of video, which is used to...